Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Don't Understand Utah

Today was the best day ever. And as horribly sad as this sounds, it is because the sun was shinning and it was 21 degree outside. Gosh, that is such a sad thing to say. Utah is crazy. It's weather has been in the negatives lately and I have not been too happy about it. I love this place, but I do not love it so much when it is so cold outside I think I might die. But look on the bright side. I am back with all of my favorite people! It is going to be a grand semester because we have like 5 birthdays in our dorm, it is going to be valentines day (and don't get any ideas. I am just excited to do fun things with all my girllllll friends), Kendra is getting married....that crazy child, and towards the end of this semester it is not going to be freezing anymore!
And might I say that it was an adventure coming back. I was helping Rachel scrap the ice/snow/icicles off her car. Then her car died. Then we got a littttle lost and had to drive on a church sidewalk for a little bit. Then we finally made it to walmart and went through the secret cart area to get to our car. Well Utah It is good to be back. Please don't freeze me!
And look, Rachel and I got naked ;) I know I know, real mature. But sometimes you just gotta do it!

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