Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ohhhhhh Tuesday

Today I did my laundry. I listened to some benton paul/one direction/hunter hayes. I wrote my seester a birthday note. I wore my mustache shirt today because I felt like walking around with a dang mustache on my shirt! I ate some leftovers from our grand sunday dinner. I talked to Rach and laughed a little. I talked to SkyeLyn and she told me how cute I am. Why did I get such dang great roommates? I am trying to dig really really deep so that I can find some motivation to re-write my opinion editorial. I am going to go to nutrition at 3, and dangit I will have a good attitude about it! School is such a struggle right now, but I will be so much happier if I just get all this crap done with! So lets do this.

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