Monday, December 10, 2012

College is the Life for ME!

 1217 came over and kidnapped SkyeLyn. Like they literally tied her up, put a pillow case over her head and held her for ransom. So we created this strange assortment of stuff so we could get her back. And yes we did put toothpaste in the oreos :)
 On Thursday we were sitting on our couch and then we were over come with hunger and we had no food of course, so we went on a much needed in-n-out run.
 I am just in a dorm with extremely talented people. Like seriously. Rachel plays the piano. SkyeLyn plays the piano and the guitar. Kendra plays the guitar. And Rachel W. sings like a beast! I love to just have them sing and play for me, it is the best ever! And so we were dancing around in the practice room while these lovely ladies did their thang. And those are moments when I am the happiest. And P.S. Rachel W. sang a solo in church on Sunday and it was completely amazing!
 On Friday Bishop had an open house at his casa. It was soooo much fun! Seriously, it was the best ever. A ton of kids hanging out together at the Bishops? How does that not say fun? And I hope you enjoy us riding on his giant rocking horse, cause I definitely enjoyed it.
 Ok lets real for about 5 seconds. This is the funniest Christmas card ever made in the history of man! It gets me every time! (wish your ward was as cool as mine don't you!?) These three boys just make my days full of joy :) and tons of laughter.
 On Saturday we went to temple square. These three kids enjoy me soooooo much!
 It was snowing hard the whole time. But it was so beautiful. And lets not even go into how we almost died on the way home. Driving in the snow is now a NO GO for me!
 Me and Stace made nutella filled cookies for our visiting teaching girls. And might I say that we have got it going on! Seriously, these cookies are the best things ever. And I love Stacey, she makes me so happy. Then Mikayla gave me more cookies, and Jeremy gave me even more cookies :) I am not complaining!
 Classy Kyles dorm has some pretty sweet Texas lights up! They are kinda amazing :)
Ohhhh and lets not forget about 1217's box fort. These kids are pretty much the coolest, and we LOVE to hang out with them! And lets not forget about unitedstatesofamericaleisha...never gets old!
And so it was an amazing week. And it was our last Sunday as a ward :( I think I might cry alot. But first I will get through finals. Then I will party hard, and will write all these kids on missions, and I will not say goodbye. I'll say see ya latter, cause it is never goodbye :)

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