Sunday, July 17, 2011


After Lake Powell, we headed up to idaho for our washburn family reunion. we went to the pond, we had a bean auction, we had movie nights, mandie did luke inpressions, and we had late night milkshake runs. i love my family :)

after idaho, we went down to utah for my moms family reunion. we had temple square day, and we went shopping.....ALOT

then came EFY. snow college. ephraim.

our company is one heart one mind. i loved my group, everyone was soooo nice, and all the boys were big sweethearts. me and ally were roomies with kendra and lisa <3 i love those girls like non other. they were so fun, and so easy to get along with! we laughed sooo hard when we were around them:) ahhh then there were our session directors. the Cleggs. these are probably the most amazing people i have ever met in my life. they have helped me become such a strong person. they are THE cutest couple i have ever seen, and i aspire to be like them one day. next comes my counselor.....Leilani!!! this girl is amazing. she has gone through so much, and is still stuch a strong person. i hope to be like her when i grow up :) she is one of those girls who doesnt judge anyone and who wants everyone to see the gosple is full light. also she is the Dumbars neice! (my parents on trek) how crazy is that!?!?!

thank you ephriam efy for making me better. for teaching me i am important. for helping answer my questions. i love everyone i met, and i will see you all in the morning of the first resurrection <3

Ally, Me, Lisa, Leilani, Morgan, Kendra! my girls! ILOVETHEM <3

Our company ONE.Heart. ONE. Mind.

The best session directors that ever lived. the cleggs!!! thank you for being such good examples

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