Friday, October 21, 2011

soooooo my life the past couple of days:




Thursday night: football game. neon. we had too much fun dressing up! everyone told us we had saweet outfits...and this little girls walked up to us and were like "look at those girls! we like you!" they were so excited to see our made our day. you know how when you were little you would see those big girls and be like, i want to be them one day, they are so cool! yea, we got to be those girls! <3 then we went to what-a-buger after and the football team showed up :) but not holy smokes.....maybe next time ;)

Newspaper: yea i have a love-hate relationship with this class. i LOVE the people like Jaqlyn and Octavio, but its a lot of work! we got to walk back and forth to the 9th grade center with Jaqlyn...i love this girl, she is hilarious!!!

Today: we had to go take pictures of the corn mazes for newspaper. so me and katherine frove in my car and then kristina, gabby, and mario rode in tiners car. and yea we kinda got totally lost! but then we finally found our way there and we took sweet pics!

so its been a pretty good week :)

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