Sunday, August 3, 2014


My family went to San Diego for a week and it was a dreammmm. California is one of my very most favorite places and this vaca was much needed. The only thing was that we drove by Long Beach a lot, and I just wanted to jump out of my car and go see my sister so bad!
But really, funnest vacation time in da world, and we'll just tell this thang through pictures.

Imperial Beach. This is where dreams are made of.

 Oh my gosh! We love surfing! We rented the really cheep boards from good old cheep rentals and had the most killer time ever. Surfing is not even that hard kids, go out and try it cause it makes you the very happiest.
Tidal pools. We saw lots and lots of crabs.

 Uni-versal. It's totally fun to go at least once in your life.

 She was the best surfer ever. Like she killed it hard.
 Me with my very cutest mama. Love love love her.
 Alee takes cool pictures allll the time!
 We gave Gracie corn rows and she modeled. We don't know where she gets it from....
 We are BIG fans of food, and these fish tacos are the grandest. Holla!
 We like to sing cheetah girls in our spare time. You should be friends with them because they are the coolest cats to hang with.
 The beach is one of the most therapeutic places in the world. Please let me live there one day!  
 Because we were so happy that we took a lot of jumping pictures.
If you are ever in San-D go to Hodads and get a strawberry milkshake. Amen.

My mom was like "this is it, this is going to be our Christmas card picture." LOL at dad gazing off into the distance.

 Bike rides on the beach. Enough said.
 We made a little friend, and this was before Mandie caught a crab and named him Peter. (you have to say it in an English accent though)
 White girls.
 Holy cow I love this temple more than anything.
 You can see the temple in the refection of the glass at sprinkles, and that is why this was the best day ever. (and no one "can even" with Aileen's face)

Whhhater whhhorld

 I never want to forget how incredibly fun my first time surfing was. Seriously the best day ever. I'll take the ugly tan lines and immense amount of salt water consumed any day.
And that's a wrap. Go buy yourself a hat, and go to the good old CA.
Eat some cupcakes, beach hard, go surfing, look at pretty things, and hang out with pretty people and you will have the time of your life. Pinky swear. 

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