Thursday, August 14, 2014


Happy August! August?! Where has this summer gone? Where has this year gone? Time is flying by, and I'm not to thrilled about it cause I mean, school. But what do you do? I've been up to nothing really spectacular lately, but I've also been having the best time. I've been watching a lot of the Office because Jim and Pam. I love to watch their love story. My love for boy bands grows stronger by the day. I call my sisters all the time just to talk about how much I love Harry Styles and 5 seconds of summer. I've been reading the most inspirational books. Whitney told me to read "My name used to be Muhammad" and my mom told me to read "Let it go." Mind blowing you guys. Seriously I've been able to have some of the most spiritual experiences reading these books. Go read them! I bought myself some cactus friends while my sisters were here. We went on our annual Minnick boating trip. I needed that badddd. I dropped off Mads at the MTC and when I got in my car to drive away there were a lot of tears cause it took me right back to when we dropped Sam off. And then I've been working a lot which has been so good, and I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for school. I'm making progress, but I've still got a long way to go! Also I go to New York on Monday and I am beyond excited! Here I come, you little big apple, I'm so excited to meet you!
^Gomez, Pepe, and Chancho. I love these guys^
 ^My two best boating snitches.^
^Annnnnnd one last head tilt! Argentina is already in love with you Hermana. I have no doubt in my mind that you will win hottest sister award! Do us proud!^
And I'll see you all after New York!

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