Thursday, September 4, 2014

New York, New York

The week before school started I flew up for a week trip to New York. It was the best/most needed vacation ever. Also it's been YEARS since I've been to the east coast and it was so fun being back.
The first couple of days I spent at Em's house on Long Island. We ate real Chinese, bagels, pizza, and Italian ice. So good you guys!
Then we went to the beach/hamptons/lighthouses. It was magical.

It was SO GREEN there. Living in El Paso really makes you appreciate plants, and I think I said like 50 times on this trip "how do they do it here!? where does all the green come from!" It's just a real shocker for me. Also there would be parts of the road where trees would be like a tunnel and it was the most magical thing. It really is the little things.

We then went to a private beach which was so nice, and we swam and watched the most amazing sunsets. Sorry Utah, to be honest your sunsets are a real crap shoot, so whenever I see a real sunset it's the best, cause I miss those a lot.

Also holla at our missionaries. If you got this picture we love you the very most!

 The next day we went into the city. Holy buildings. It's like you know New York is made up of these things, but really, it's no joke. They have the most and the prettiest buildings ever.

We went to the Shake shack. Guys best place ever. It's like one of those go to places in New York for a reason. Also strawberry milkshake. Em and I talked about it for the rest of the trip.

 We went to Times Square that night and NYPD cause Castle. Also we rode the subway a lot, and I love that thing. Yea it smells gross and all, but I just weirdly love it. We also got a little baby bit confused and thought that Em's cousin lived in Brooklyn....we took the subway to the very last stop and lets just say we were the only white people around for miles and we won't ever be returning to that part of Brooklyn again. But oh the laughs!
On day four we went to Jimmy Fallon. We got in line at 5 AM and just to our luck it started pouring rain. Like pouring. So we had our friends save us our spot and we ran around Manhattan trying to find a store to buy an umbrella at. It took us forever....and the minute we walked out of the store, the rain stopped. So typical. BUT we met the most amazing people in line, and I wish to be like them when I grow up. They are from Canada and they were there celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary AND they were dentists. Em and I still talk about how awesome they are. They made that time in line go by SO fast.

Latter on we went to China Town and little Italy and got baby cannolis. S'cute right?

This city is just full of gems.

 We walked the Brooklyn bridge, which I loved!
 But really guys, this place is the bees knees. And the whole time I was like "soak em for crutchy!" (if you get that reference lets be bffs)
Then we went back to the studio to see if we actually got into Jimmy, and we DID! It was the coolest experience of my life. If you are ever in Manhattan GO! And after the show Jimmy ran up the side, and grabbed out hands and told us he loved our shirts. And then we started crying because it had been one draining say and it's Jimmy Fallon! One of the greatest days ever!
The next day we went on the gossip girl tour. If you are a fan put your hands up in the air for Chuck Bass. Am I right ladiessss? And I know this is a totally lame fangirl thing to do, but I don't even care.
We got to sit at Chuck Bass's bar and contemplate on our very single lives and how all we want is our own mother chucker. Good times.

We also went to Bendel's and did not plan on buying anything, cause I mean, it's Bendel's. But they were having a crazy sale, and so we got some of the cutest rings and we didn't have to pay the hundreds of dollars for them! Greatest thing ever!

We went to Grand Central Station. That place has the coolest ceiling.

We wen to tons of other places, and ate macroons, and had the grandest time. And then we did Celtral Park and went to where Chuck and Blair got married. We died. If you're a female, at least watch the GG finale because their wedding is the cutest thing on this very planet. And then we just walked around and took it all in. And it was one of the very best days.

And then I finished my trip off with donuts in the airport.
New York, you are one of the biggest dreams. I have the fattest crush on you.
New York is a crazy city. It has SO MUCH to do, and it's such a unique place. It also made me realize just how many people are out there and how blessed I am, and how noticed I am. There are just so many people out there and each person is unique and beautiful and has their own story. And there is always someone out there who knows just what you are thinking, and that is the coolest thing ever. Big cities make me realize that a lot of the time, and that's why I like them so much.
Thanks for the best time ever NY. I'll see ya soon.

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