Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All of the good+all of the bad

Where do I even begin! This past month has been the craziest/hardest month of my very little existence. And we can totally blame this on the start of Dental Hygiene school. Dental school is most definitely the best decision I have ever made, but sometimes it's so hard and overwhelming I'm like why did I choose THIS career?! And then I have a really awesome day at school and I'm reminded exactly why I chose it. I seriously love it so much. And I feel like I'm already getting the swing of things and I'm adapting, so the work doesn't seem AS bad. I've also met some of the coolest girls and some if my Clinic Instructors make the world go round I swear. And school has honestly been my life since it started, but I've made sure to do some fun stuff to stay sane....
 Football games because fall, and X out that boy on the end. We don't know who he is...
 Brooklyn slept over with me one night because I need her to function.
 The chain till graduation...we got a while kids.
 This is what I have to wear every single day. It's a love/hate kind of thing
 Some weeks this is the only thing that keeps me going. Also the Draper is my very favorite. ever.
 COUSINS CAME!!! And I think I could have cried! I haven't seen Matt since he got home from his mission and seriously we had the best weekend ever together. I'm now in my mourning faze because I want my people back :(
 Ray Ray had a little birthday din.
 Grandpa Wash did it again with those conference tickets. Forever thankful to be born into that mans family.
 And Ray turned 21! And everyone should say a quick little prayer that she will get into my school so I can suffer with those I love most! ;)
And then one Friday I helped this lady jump her car and then she wrote me the most heartwarming letter and made me cookies. THERE IS STILL GOOD IN THIS WORLD PEOPLE!
And there are only 64 days until Whit comes home.
Only 55 until Sam comes home.
And only 70 until this semester is over.
As Mrs.Green would say "take a big breath in, hold it, let it out. everything is going to be OK!"

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