Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day One: Your favorite quotes. completed
Day Two: A letter to your best friend. completed
Day Three: Describe your first kiss, where you were, who saw and how you felt when it happened.
Day Four: Tell the story of your favorite memory.
Day Five: Three things that you’ve done in your life that you regret doing / not doing.
Day Six: Three things that you wish you could do right now.
Day Seven: Your favorite TV show, movie, song and book.
Day Eight: Write a letter to someone that you’ve drifted away from and now miss.
Day Nine: Five items you’d grab in a fire.
Day Ten: The hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.

dear whoever. i liked the friendship we had. you were always there for me and i was always there for you. we got to the point where we were really good friends. i don't even know why we got in that fight. when i said i was sorry i ment it. im also sorry you had to hold such a heavy grudge. friends forgive and forget. im trying to be a better person and i hope you can see that. i hope one day YOU will be able to say im sorry. saying sorry isnt weak. it makes you stronger. im sorry we had that stupid disagreement and im even sadder that you held it against me. try to look for the good in others instead of spending forever trying to find their one weakness. i hope i wont ever let you down again. i hope you look at me now and realize you lost a good friend. cause i know i did. im sorry for everything that happened. i miss you.

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