Wednesday, February 1, 2012

write something deep....On Sunday we has!!!! Jenny Philips came and spoke to us, and it was amazing. She said everything a teenage girl would like to hear, and she is one great woman! She spoke about so many good things, but one that stuck out to me was how 1/3 off all of Heavenly Fathers children were persuaded by the adversary. He is cunning and knows how to make you fall. He knows your strengths, and he knows your weaknesses. He is not sympathetic, and he is trying everything to bring you down. Can you truly imagine...can you imagine how many people he persuaded to follow him? When she was talking it made me think that I knew this man once, we all did. And to see that he is using all these tool, like the media, we have no choice but to be strong. We have to learn to suck it up some times, and be nice to some one who has broken our heart. We need to be the best example, cause if we don't do it, who will? We have to come out strong from this life, and not only stronger, but we need to win. We need to win against the adversary.
"It's your time
It's your destiny to shine
So arise
Be true to the royal
That's inside of you
Don't settle for the story that
The world would have your write
You were born to reach eternal life
Let faith fill every chapter
Let the Savior lead you to Happily ever after."

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