Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some pumpkins and some d-town lovin

 This past week I took my anatomy midterm. I did pretty well on it, but studying for that thing melted my brain. Ask me ANY bone or ANY muscle and I will know it. So in order to break up that studying I crafted, cause what else? And I made a chevron glitter pumpkin, and that is what got me though the week. It's the little things.
Oh, and then I had the grandest weekend. On Friday my brain was still fried so we just went on a Target run and then watched 500 days of summer. (classic)
Then on Saturday we went to the Draper temple (one of my favorites) and we got have lunch with Tami, and that was the best cause she is just the most fantastic.
Then we went and saw the Saratov approach. Holy cow. One word-TEARS.
That movie was so powerful and so inspirational. I love the church. Let's leave it at that.
And now we have the start of a new week filled with three spanking new midterms for me to take. I think I need some chocolate milk and lots of missionary letters to get through this one.
Thank goodness for Sundays. Re-group days.
Now lets have the best week.

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