Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And lately...

^^Missionary letters. Isn't Matt the cutest? He will be home this coming summer and we are very excited about that over here. Then we can finally do all that cousin bonding that's been lacking to for two whole years!^^

^^The Halloween floral arrangement made for the festivities of the season. (And I have grown to hate this class oh so much.)^^

^^I saw this beauty walking to class one day. These people clearly know what's up.^^

^^Halloween treats from my Grandparents/Aunt. My fam is the bees knees.^^

^^We got to go into the food tent at the football game and we don't regret one calorie that was consumed in the process.^^

^^One word. Drives. I go on at least one, maybe even two drives a day to look at the leaves and houses. I don't know how this became one of my favorite pastimes, but it has and I love it.^^

^^Gosh, I love Utah. And these cloudless blue skies have been killlling me lately!^^

^^Behold, the ribbon banner is up and running.^^

^^Maybe it's the lack of sleep that made this so funny to me, or the fact that 95% of mine, Whit's, and Stacey's jokes were about food, and I just really miss them. Like really.^^

^^Some times cookie butter is what get me through the day. Cause I It's ruff on the soul sometimes.^^
And tomorrow is Halloween and we are gonna bust a moooove at the center street dance! Ole!

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