Monday, November 11, 2013

THE best

 ^LOOK!^ My parents came into town this weekend, so that made this the best weekend ever. We ate out, went to the basketball+soccer game, went shopping, and hung out with my grandparents+aunt/uncle. It was the greatest ever. Just being able to hang out with my parents for a weekend made my lifeeee.
 The only downside was when my Father took my cousins (who are older and have kids) and my aunt/uncle to eat at tucanos while I watched all the children. But these kids are the cutest ever so it all worked out I guess. This is how that night went down:
1.They say bloody in front of everything.
2. You guessed it, we chased a bloody moth down, and really it didn't stand a chance.
3. We listened to lots of One Direction and it killed me how much D-boy gets into it.
4. We made a total of three different kinds of pasta for dinner.
5. Just dance. We went ham!
6. Insane amounts of chocolate milk were consumed.
7. We tried to make peanut butter rice crispy treats. And we butchered them so bad. I questioned my domesticity so hard in this moment. Who messes up rice crispy treats???
All in all it was a good time. I love my family oh so freaking much.
My dad is a pro at the peace sign+duck face look. It fits him so well.
Thanks for coming up mom and dad. You are my two most favorite people in the whole wide world and I already cant wait to see you again.
P.s. That awkward moment when ALL of my family here is going out of town for Thanksgiving and so now I am thanksgiving-homeless. What kind of cruel joke is this!?
P.s.s. It's 11/11, so don't forget to make your epic wish at 11:11 tonight.

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