Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I have discovered this semester of Sophomore year

This is how my sophomore 30 is looking right about now....
1. Anatomy=Love but Microbiology=hate
2. I make 11:11 wishes everyday, and I believe in them!
3. I sing in the car. Always.
4. My biggest pet peeve is when I can hear people smacking their food. Like I can't even deal.
5. Being LDS is probably the best thing about my life. And the temple, that thing is gem. Go to the temple, often. It will make your life so much better.
6. I love teeth, and that would be why I want to be a dental hygienist. And no, I obviously don't think it's gross to work in peoples mouths, otherwise I would have chosen a different profession.
7. I want to marry a doctor, like bad.
8. My body doesn't crave chocolate, it craves breakfast burritos.
9. My biggest goal in life is to become a wife and mother.
10. I wear the same two rings every day, and if I forget to put them on, my day will just fall apart.
11. I can open any jar you give me. Like the ones sealed really tight, yea those are my specialty.
12. Two words: Country Music
13. I miss my five sisters every day, like seriously, you have no idea.
14. When I am dehydrated I drink milk. When I am not dehydrated I drink milk.
15. I make brownies to eat the batter, not the actual brownies.
16. In anatomy I get to hold eyes, brains, and hearts and I feel fine about it. Just take anatomy and I dare you to try to argue with me that there is no God.
17. The "Little Women" soundtrack makes me all kinds of emotional.
18. I am not a graceful crier.
19. My mom is my favorite person.
20. It took me a couple of tries but I love sushi!
21. Still going strong in the "I've never had a boyfriend" department.
22. I miss crafting. Crafting makes me happy.
23. Lake Powell is my favorite place on this very Earth, and I wish I could live there. (not really, but really ya know?)
24. Maple donuts are my weakness.
25. My love for One Direction grown stronger by the day.
26. I love to hike. And rock-climbing has always been on my bucket list. Also eating lobster, that's on my bucket list too, even though that is totally unrelated.
27. My family is my number 1.
28. Blue cloudless skies are my favorite, and summer is my season.
29. I have 3 best friend missionaries out right now (Whit-Guatemala, Stacey-Philippines, Rachel-Alabama) also I have 4 best friends that are family that are out right now (Sam-California, Matt-Mexico, Twins-Mexico) And to say that I miss these people is the biggest understatement of the century.
30. This year of school has been busy as heck. And it had been good, it really has. It has also been the hardest, school wise and friend wise. But even though all my friends are gone, I have grown so much as a person and I am thankful for this trial everyday.
And that is a wrap of my Sophomore 30 peeps. (And this is only the fall semester version) Boom.

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