Monday, May 27, 2013

I Love America

Please be warned: this post has a lot of pictures and words, and is way awesome:
So this is the story of the greatest Memorial Day weekend that was ever lived by a person!
Well on Wednesday my big sister went into the MTC. And this was the one part of my week that was not fun, not one bit. Dropping off someone at the MTC is one of the strangest occurrences to go on. You just drive up, they get out of the car and walk away from you for 18 months. But you know what? I am so glad my sister is serving a mission and she is going to be amazing. Love you forever big sister!
Ok, then on Thursday night we went 80s dancing. These girls know how to move and groove, and I highly suggest everyone to get friends like mine so that you can dance like a fool, and have the best time ever!
So Stacey and I have established a nice little routine. Friday's are our errands day. We go and buy fabric for our next sewing project, and then we go get whatever we need for the week. We also go to Café Rio and share a pork salad, because everyone needs a little joy during errand runs. And I am proud to say that this Friday we went to Great Harvest to get some cinnamon bread, and we saw Stephanie Nielson, and that would be twice in one week for me, so I vow the next time I see her I am going to tell her how much I adore her!
That evening we went to the hot springs, and even though the word hot is in the title, I wasn't expecting them to be THAT hot. But seriously, they blew my mind, and thank you for producing these hot springs Utah, you are kinda rad.
But really though....^These girls!^
Also that night we made the best breakfast burritos for dinner and has some mean mocktails. Then we laughed till our abs were rock solid and the drinks had run low. But no worries, of course we drove up to squaw peak and looked down on those city light and told scary stories.
Then we had our sleepover with Whit, and we went on the trail run the next morning. Let's just say Stacey and I got very lost and I will never go trail running again! I mean when you have to ask random people to use their phone to get on facebook so find a number to get whits number, you just have to vow to never trail run again.
But then we went to Lake Mona and all was well. All of our tans are coming along quite lovely, thank you.
We went off the high rope swing, cause we are cool college kids, and we do neat things like that.
And behold I give you the worlds best snow cone. Those lame homemade ones will never cut it for me again. I don't know how they make these, but I am sure it is with a ton of love, cause I don't know how else to make anything so divine. Thank goodness this is right by campus so I can go get fat off these for the rest of forever. Oh and lets not forget how we went into the Canyon to watch a movie at night, and we bailed hardcore when a man with a hatchet started walking around us. Lesson learned: never ever watch movies in the canyon at night!
On Sunday I went fishing for the first time. The view was amazing, but the fishing bored me to death. So Whit and I bailed, and just bonded over how WE LIVE THE EXACT SAME LIFE. Like I am not even kidding.....sometimes it gets weird. But I love it. My friends rock. Hardcore.
Monday. Ok guys, we went shooting the tube. Possibly one the greatest things ever invented.
1. You just block the water
2. You sit on sleds
3. You let the water rush in the tube and you fly down
4. You cry a little cause you never knew something so simple could bring one such joy
We digged the graffiti by the tube hardcore.
But don't worry, we also attended a BBQ in honor of this grand Memorial Day.
And that my friends was how the greatest weekend in the history of time went down.
Like I am still baffled at how much fun was able to occur in such a small space in time.
And Utah, oh Utah! You have stolen my heart again with your warm days and endless green grass. I had my doubts in winter, but now I remember why I love this place so much.
Well cheers! To weekends, or food. Which ever you prefer.
***And thank you to all of the service men and women out there. I seriously appreciate all that you do for our country. Especially my dad. You are my hero.***

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