Monday, May 13, 2013

We party.....hard

This past week:
On Wednesday we went to Aaron's mission call opening (San Pablo Philippines!), we went to In-n-out to celebrate, and then we went hot tubing.
^^And please appreciate Erik's frown as much as I do.^^
On Thursday we went to the waffle truck, Stacey and I got soccer lessons from Aaron, and we went to see the Great Gatsby (which was an incredible movie by the way.)
On Friday we went to get Stacey's passport, then we went fabric shopping and got some much needed cafe rio and horchata! Then we had our bonfire, with smores and stories and sparklers.
On Saturday I went to the temple, then I worked out, and then I went to the zoo with these ladies. And yes in case you were worried, I do still hate the zoo, even though I went!
On Sunday I got to see my girls at Jake's farewell! He did an amazing job and I loved being able to spend time with my favorite people! Also I went to Becca's farewell. She made me cry. Her talk was amazing and she is going to kill it in North Carolina! Then I had Sunday dinner/tanning time with Brooklyn, Stacey, and Katie. And then we ended our night hanging out with the boys and just laying on blankets outside, because might I say that the weather lately has been killer!
So yea, you could say it was a really good week.
Lets do it again!

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