Sunday, March 9, 2014

Guys it's getting warm outside

We went and visited our favorite person the other day. It was lots of laughs + hugs + and spiritual moments. This man will always be #1 to us. He's the guy who can literally pick up all the pieces of your life when they are all falling apart. He's the one who tells you how awesome you are and how amazing your future is going to be. He's the guy who tells you make out allllll the time and probably would want to witness those first kisses if he could. He's one of the only adults up here that genuinely cares about your life and everything that's going on. We love you Bish, we love you forver and ever and thanks for being our BFF. You rock.
On another note: Let's please talk about this weather we have been having. It's been so great. Also if someone sneezes you should bless them. And for your benefit every Saturday has $1.29 mozz sticks at Sonic. Like why have I not known about this so far? My life is forever changed.  

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