Sunday, January 1, 2012


well, it has been a good year. we just got back from our trip to arizona which was so much fun! we went golfing, went to a suns game, went shopping, hung out with cousins, and ate good food (:

then i went to the dance last night with my ally robalin! we had fun times! and after they had a breakfast with cinnamon roles and breakfast burritos, yummmm.

i dont really want it to be 2012, that means graduating and becoming a big kid.......oh well im just gonna live up my senior year to the fullest!!!!

also im super excited cause ally got me the notebook for christmas and im so excited to watch it all the time, cause it is deffs like my favorite movie ever <3

annnnnd im pretty much obsessed with the dia frampton cd, it is amazing (:

well here is to the new year, lets make it the best!

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