Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i could not figure out how to turn those pictures the right way...but oh well. MY FAMILIA! i am a big family girl, i love my family, and i NEED my family. i could not do it on my own, its as simple as that. my sisters are always there for me, and i would be sooooo bored without them. then there is rachel (: my best cousin. she is one of my most favorite people ever, and i love her to death. i always think of how lucky i am to have such a good cousin, and i thank god every day for giving me this girl. then there is ally and katherine. while, yes, they might not be my family, they sure do act like it! these girls are with me through it all, and im sure my mother would agree with the amount of time they spend at my house, we are family (: also my parents. they are amazing, and im so lucky to have them. they have done such a good job at raising me, that i am deathly scared of leaving them to go to college!!!
so thank you guys for always being there, and helping me through everything.....i know you are a part of my life for a reason, and I LOVE YOU!!!!

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