Monday, June 10, 2013

It's gonna be hard, but it's gonna be OK.

 Ok, let's talk about Friday first. We went to the rooftop concert, and it was very enjoyable! Also I was reunited with Ashley, and it was a beautiful thing :)
Also please take note, Stacey and I donated plasma. An we didn't even cry!
 Also, Friday was national donut day. My favorite day of the year ;) And yes, we did go get free maple donuts. It was a happy moment.
 So Saturday was our boating day. And a serious thanks again to the wonderful Minnick family for hosting us all weekend. You are the best!
And boating day=the best day. We tubed and surfed and ate food and had the best time.
 This crew right here.....yea, these are people I'm going to miss the most. Our times together have been stellar.
And lets not forget how after boating we crashed at the Minnick's. We ate food and watched a scary movie. And yes, Will did scream like a girl, that is all.
 Sunday was Whitters farewell! And we all hung out for one last time.
 These ladies of mine!
 Ok, so this is where my life gets all sad but so happy all at the same time. This girl right ^here^ has become my bestest-estest friends in the world. First off lets just say that you killed your talk Whit! I was a crying mess, and your testimony is the strongest. And second of all, thank you. Thank you for being such an incredible person. I don't think everyone in their lives are able to meet there soul mate their first year of college ;) But we did it! Finding someone who lives the exact same life as me was the greatest discovery I've ever made. So while you are away on your adventures in Guatemala, I will write you and ask you how your days have been. I will send you packages filled with love. And Whitney, when you get back, we will party hard. I love you so much! You are going to do the most amazing things in Guat!
Then Rachel had her farewell. And seriously, her talk was good. I think I saw bishop shed a couple of tears ;) And what in the world am I going to do without this girl next year? I have no idea. Living with her freshman year was a dream come true. You were the greatest friend and partner in crime. The people of Alabama will fall in love with you, and you will be amazing!
And so it was the greatest weekend/one of the hardest weekends for me. But you know what? Everything will be ok. Even though two of my best friends are leaving, it will be the greatest experience for them, and I am so excited to see the changes in their lives. I love you girls. I am so proud of your choices to serve. See you in 1.5 muchachas.

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