Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Vacation Part I

 Ok, so all during Spring semester we were throwing around dreams of us going to California, and put those dreams out on the table, and Stacey and I will make them happen. So we started off our summer with a bang, and it was the best vacation I could have asked for. So here is a little recap of what we did:
Stacey and I drove out to Temecula where A-a-ron lives. We stayed with one of his friends families, and they were the nicest people on planet earth. Thanks again for having us! Ok, so we went to San Diego on day one. First on our list was going to the temple. SO.PRETTY. And thanks Aaron for baptizing us in Spanish! It kinda made all my dreams come true. 
 ^This woman^ is the apple of my eye. Best friends forever is an understatement.
We visited multiple beaches cause that is what CA living is all about right? 
In San D we got to go to *Drumroll* sprinkles & Trader Joes! It was one of the happiest moments of our lives, like seriously many dreams were made by visiting these two places. We are such women...I know! And TJ didn't even disappoint. So hatters to the left!
 Another Beach day with this fine creature. And always after the beach we would go hot tubing. I think its like an unspoken rule that Californians have to live by. But hey I am not complaining.
 In our time when we were not at the beach, or eating food, we were hanging out with Aarons best buds: Sydney and Derek. And they were way fun to chill with. And one night at Derek's, the boys were playing video games and so Stace and I were getting our Mexican on. We's hot, I know.
And then we packed up the car and said our goodbyes to Aaron, and drove down to AZ for part II of our trip. But California, oh California, we loved you. We loved every single second we had with you. When Whit and Stace get back from the mishes, we will be coming to visit you again with more joy than ever, so get ready for us!

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