Friday, June 14, 2013

Spring Semester

What I got out of spring term:
  • Sewing is hard and frustrating at times, but I love sewing skirts, shirts on the other hand can suck it.
  • Whitney Minnick is my soul mate and best friend.
  • I got the ugliest sandal tan line in the history of ugly sandal tan lines.
  • Donating plasma is the greatest thing ever invented. And I don't even hate needles.
  • Never go trail running, unless you know the trail like the back of your hand.
  • It's not the things you do that mean the most, but it is people that you do those things with. My spring crew was killer.
  • Bish S. is still my hero.
  • Getting a job is hard.
  • I have a newfound passion for snow cones and cranberry white chip cookies.
  • No ward will ever be as great as the YSA 53rd ward.
  • Mountains are my favorite. Like really.
  • I like Sara time. Alone time is the best at times.
  • I am a lot like my mom.
  • Utah is a freaking jungle. Its is so green here!
  • Stace and I have got to be the two most unlucky people in the world. But I wouldn't want to be so unlucky with anyone else. I love this woman. BFF's for lyfe.
  • I miss Whataburger more than anyone can imagine.
  • Utah has a passion for construction on every dang road possible.
  • Sometimes I crave hot dogs.
  • Taylor Swift never gets old.
  • I still hate change, but I am a lot more accepting of it now.
  • Reading the Book of Mormon in three weeks is possible!
  • Any size of pizza can be a personal pizza if you just try hard and believe in yourself.
  • I miss my sisters a lot.
  • I am not such a picky eater anymore.
  • Never eat a foil dinner made by Will, but if he offers you a breakfast burrito graciously accept.
  • There is no need to have separate beds in your dorm when you could have one mega bed.
  • Life is a beautiful beautiful thing.
Spring were amazing. Like I don't know how I was so fortunate to find two of my best friends, and have such a killer time in one short semester. I love you Utah. I love you BYU. I love you crew. I love you Whit and Stace. I love you Spring.

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