Sunday, October 14, 2012

And it was a very fine weekend indeed!

 Hailey had me and Skyelyn over for PIZZA NIGHT! It was absolutely fantastic, and dang girls, you know how to make some good pizza!
 We helped create this one :)
 Ummmmmm, flannel friday? Yes please! Aren't we adorable?
 Skyelyn and I had a date weekend. We went to the creamery to get kids meals (a hamburger, french fries, a small drink, AND ice cream! It's pretty much the best thing ever). Then we went to pizza night, and then we went to "Bernies" black light party. It was crazy fun! Our ward is amazing :)
 HOMECOMING! Yes, Skyelyn and I did go get the free blue pancakes, and yes they were the most delicious pancakes ever!
 Look! My sister was in the parade! (and she said this was her favorite picture that i took of her, so I put this one up.)
 Then me and Sam went to Lauren's baby shower. Look how cute Meagan decorated! And the food she made was absolutely wonderful!
 I went to the football game with the Rachels and it was so sad! We were doing so well, and then we totally lost it towards the end...but it's all good, cause we went to get Cafe Rio after :)
And look, we finished decorating our dorm for Halloween! Yay us! We are so cute :)

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