Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sometimes you need a break

Jeez sometimes you have to go to reviews for your nutrition class so you can do well on your test. And sometimes you have a sociology midterm tomorrow so you have been studying like crazy. And sometimes you have a big essay due, so you have been working on it forever. And sometimes you just need to take a break, because college can be overwhelming. So thank goodness for temples! My roommates and I have decided to go every week on 5 in the A.M. So you know it will be a challenge, and at times I bet I won't want to get out of bed, but it will be so worth it. Having a temple to close, makes me feel so good, and I know that I need to use this to my advantage and go as often as possible. My Grandpa Lundgren works at the Provo temple every Thursday morning, so we saw him when we went today. When I was done with my baptisms, and was walking out of the font, my grandpa looked me in the eyes and said "Thank you Sara, you make me and your Grandma so  proud." I felt so good. To choose to love the gospel, and live the life I'm living, I know makes them so happy. I am proud to make them proud :)

And  then I got home and I ate some soup and read my missionary letter. I love you Matt! Mexico city will love you too :)
And now, my break is over, and I have to go finish writing my essay. woohoo

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