Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chalk War Monday

So Brooklyn's cousin is in women's choir, and she told her about a chalk war they were going to have. Well we totally wanted to do it, so we showed up and little did we know that they were really filming a commercial for their mens/womans choir concert coming up. So, instead of just throwing chalk at people, we got to film a commercial. The idea of the commercial is that the mens and womans choirs are going to battle against each other. So we painted our faces and "got ready for war." Then they filmed us yelling and getting ready to attack. Then at the very end we all ran at each other with handfuls of chalk and we threw it at each other. So, even though we had to film a commercial to get to be in the chalk war, it was so much fun, and a great experience to be had. And we didn't even have to sing :) gosh, we love byu, and all the crazy things it has to offer. :)

Brooke. Aubrey. Me. Rachel.
Love these girls so much!
Our group was so fun. I love my ward. They are seriously the best thing ever :)

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