Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a Monday....I've Got to do it One More Time

 This past week me and my roommates were feeling awfully "fally" so we decided to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.....they are pretty much my favorite ever.
 We went to another black light dance party which was fantastically fun! And Rachel having a dance off with John was pretty much the funniest thing of my life!
 On Saturday Rachel and I went SHOPPING <3 Gosh, this shopping trip was so needed. We had defiantly been deprived for too long. Then we ate at California Pizza Kitchen, and my whole world was complete.
Look at how beautiful Utah is. Seriously, I have never ever in my whole life seen such beautiful leaves changing color. They make me so happy!

But I have to say the highlight of my weekend was our sleepover with dorm 1102! These girls are seriously amazing and they are our new BFFs. We decided we are going to do a sleepover at LEAST once a month. We will drag those heavy mattressesoff our beds and play the fortune telling game, and talk about boy probs, and grow even closer <3
And lets not forget that after getting like 4 hours of sleep we went over to 1102's FHE boys place and they made us breakfast. They had: pancakes, bacon, sausage, donuts, cinnamon roles, muffins, and eggs. Can you say the coolest boys in town!?
And they adopted us into their family <3 love you 1102 kids so much!

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