Saturday, November 17, 2012

And She Will Be Loved

 Look how cute my roommates are! They are seriously the best in the whole world! I couldn't ask for better people to spend my college life with. And SkyeLyn thanks for serenading me.....I love guitars!
 Got a letter from this kid, and it totally made my day. She is so great!
 We waited in the freezing rain for a free hot dog....I feel like such a college kid. The things we do for free food....
Friday night started off with a bang as we went to our wards talent show. Our ward is amazingly talented, and our bishop is probably the greatest bishop in the history of time!
After that shin dig, we went over to 1102 for our monthly sleep over. We started it off by doing the fortune telling game to Big-D, Devin, and Jeremy. Then Hyrum, Daniel, Chris, and Sarah came over and we just partied our lives away. We seriously bonded so hard that night. We just talked/played games/listened to music/did whatevs/and got some good laughs. All in all it was a solid night. Then after curfew kicked the boys out, us girls were feeling real hungry so we decided a midnight In-N-Out run was a must. We all piled into Rachel's hot pink jeep and went and ate our hearts out. On the way we all sang at the top of our lungs to Maroon 5. Gosh I love these girls. They seriously make life so much fun. It is crazy. It is just nights like these that make me oh so happy. I seriously will look back on my college life and think of crazy fun nights like this. It's not even that we did anything super spectacular. It's just that we had an amazing time, and for once in my life I felt so full. I felt so full of happiness and love for all these fine humans I am meeting up here. You guys make my heart smile because you are mine. We are having killer college lives together, and I totally think you rock.
So cheers to the weekend. And thank goodness we only have two more days of school until Thanksgiving!

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