Sunday, November 11, 2012

These Are Days To Never Be Forgotten

 Oh ya know, on Thursday me and Rachie just had a little date night with modern family, pineapple soda, and some guac!
 It has been snowing here like a beast! It is absolutely beautiful outside, and the view outside our window is killer! So on Friday me and Sam were feeling a little crazy and so we went to zupas. Soup and sandwiches....sooooo good! Then we went Christmas shopping but mostly bought stuff for ourselves :)
 After the basketball game on Friday some boys offered to make us we said HECK YES!! And it was Rachel's first time partaking of chocolate chip pancakes. You can say it went well!
 We were sitting in the hall and good old Hyrum walked by with this huge platter of cheese! So we just sat there and ate some cheese. Then we sat and talked to the 1102 girls. Then went into their apartment and hung with their fhe boys. Then we journeyed into the hallway again for unknown reasons and we listened to Aubrey's recording of her sleep talking. That girl is HIL-AR-IOUS!
 Thanks Phillip for opening every drawer/cupboard possible.
Last home game! We killed Idaho, we froze, and we witnessed an engagement.
Well i know I have said this 50 billion times already, and I will probably say it a billion more times, but my ward is amazing. Today in ward council Bishop was talking about how great this ward is. We all are so close and we have become so close in such a short amount of time. He talked about how "these are days to never be forgotten." We are all in the places we are for a reason. We are helping change lives, and our lives are being changed. This is an amazing time to be alive and to be where we all are in life. Bishop was talking about how we all have amazing futures and he said "Sara I can see you in the future raising your family in righteousness." Thank you Bishop for being such an acceptable man and for making my day :) Today was one of those days where you just realize that life is hard, people screw up, and bad things happen, but you can choose to have a good outlook on life and totally enjoy it. Choosing to be happy and loving my life is what makes it so great. I love BYU and I love my ward. These are my best friends and these are definitely days to never be forgotten. 

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