Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Week

 WE LOVE WRITING CLASS SO MUCH!!!! -said no one ever! Gosh I cannot wait for this class to be over and done with. It will seriously be a cause for celebration!
 For Halloween we went to Rachel's house in Sandy and we helped run their spook house. These people are dedicated fans of Halloween. They had this crazy spook house set up in their garage/backyard. Props to them for being so cool! Thanks for letting us help, and thanks for feeding us! (Navajo tacos and donuts....heaven)
 The whole crew! We make a great spook ally bunch, don't you think?
 Austin came over to give us music. Thank you Austin Mcstraw for giving us the Aldean and the Hunter Hays CD, we can now live! And thanks for just giving us random songs, you are seriously the best! We definitely needed some other music because Taylor Swifts new CD was ruling our lives!
I saw this quote and it made me happy. This has been a great week filled with Halloween fun, scaring our FHE boys (we went and banged on their window when they were watching a scary movie...they flipped out! It was prime), going to Jeremy and Hyrums last football game and then going with Jeremy to Rachel's basketball game (thank you Jeremy for being so hilarious and making us laugh alllll the time), hanging out with Brook, Aubrey, and Bailey (you girls rock, and fill my void when I am lonely), studying, grocery shopping, and just life. It's been good times. And let us never forget that Rachel Easter is a Beast-er :)

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