Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why must this week be so great!?

This week has been absolutely great. It has been so great because:
  •  It has been soooo warm.....I am seriously just loving it! Walking around outside in a short sleeve shirt with all the leaves on the ground makes my heart smile.
  • I took my nutrition test today and I took my Book of Mormon test the other day and I got A's on both of them! thank goodness all that studying payed off.
  • Even though Romney lost the election our ward had an amazing little election party, and it was a blast. Those kids are just awesome and make life so fun.
  • Rachel and SkyeLyn have been going over to 1102 to look at "the wall" for their American Heritage test. I have been going over there to not be bored. All I can say is I love you Aubrey Beck. You make me laugh so hard :) Thanks for making my nights so hilarious.
  • We are doing the Elbow experiment. We will see if it works or not ;)
  • I drank hot chocolate last night.
  • My hometeachers have proved that they are best kids out there! They brought me comfort food since Romney lost the election. These two boys are absolutely the greatest. How did I get so lucky to have the coolest/nicest/funnest hometeachers?
  • We went and gave jelly beans to Sam to show him how much we love him!
  • I have not had that much homework! It has been terrific.
  • The new One Direction CD comes out soon, and you can preview the the whole thing on itunes!
  • It is almost THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!!
It's always the little things that mean the most. <3

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